Commercial Mediation Group (CMG) - Mediators in Ukraine

Commercial Mediation Group (CMG) is a leading team of mediators in Ukraine, which specializes in effective resolution of conflict situations in business and other fields.

If you are faced with a difficult, problematic situation that cannot be solved in the usual way, and the prospect of long court proceedings is ahead, perhaps it is time to consider turning to professional mediators.

When can CMG be useful to you?

  • You got involved into a conflict in business relations
  • You have a heated dispute with your partners
  • Faced with problems within the team
  • It is necessary to conduct important negotiations in best way possible
  • You want to develop personal conflict management skills

Today CMG works in Kyiv, Lviv and other cities in Ukraine, both face-to-face and online. The key area of our work is mediation in business, which involves a comprehensive approach to conflict resolution, as well as preparation and assistance in negotiations.

Why should you contact CMG?

  • Professional expertise of our mediators, who have all the necessary theoretical knowledge and stay up to date with the most modern methods of mediation work;
  • Unique experience of successful complex dispute resolution and conflict situations, specifically in conditions that are now present in Ukraine;
  • Flexible approaches to the organization of negotiations and trainings, taking into account specific details and needs of your business;
  • Reasonable prices, which ensure the profitability of the entire process, allowing you to save not only time, but also money.

Many years of proven experience of CMG mediators in various fields will allow you to find and implement the optimal solution as soon as possible.

Our mission as mediators - independent professional intermediaries in negotiations:

Today, CMG offers its clients in Ukraine mediation services - an effective, fast and environmentally friendly way to resolve disputes in business in order to achieve the best result for all participants.

  • We believe that every controversial issue has its own solution, which is not a compromise, but takes into account the interests and needs of all participants.
  • We are sure that in every situation, time, attention, energy and money are better directed to business development than to a long-term conflict.
  • We know that people are able to listen to each other, cooperate and agree, to achieve the mutually satisfactory result.
  • We recommend our clients to take responsibility themselves - without relying on the state, with its imperfect judicial system and executive service.
  • We remember that constructive relationships in business are the most valuable asset, and they are exactly what allows us to maintain and effectively develop mediation services.

By solving disputed issues through mediation, we help Ukrainian business to become stronger by common efforts, and thus together we strengthen Ukraine!

Our phone: +38 (050) 546-86-34

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